Home Buying Tips

Home Buying – Be Bold!


For most people home buying is the single largest investment they will make. It is not a time to by shy. Be bold, be prepared and ask questions. Your Royal Team Realtor will walk you through the process from start to finish and provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on.

Just like in the movies, location is everything.

What is the neighbourhood like? Is there anything that would affect the value of this property in the future? Don’t be shy; ask what the neighbours are like.

What are other comparable homes in the area selling for? Your Royal Team Realtor does not want you to overpay or get carried away by flashy finishing touches in a home, which may be priced higher than other neighbourhood homes but will not hold that price on resale.

How far do I have to travel for schools, public transit and shopping?

What is the traffic flow in front of or near the property... any main roads, bus routes or railway tracks?

What are the realty taxes on the home?

What are the utility costs? (Hydro, gas and water?)

If buying during the winter, ask what would the gardens look like when they aren’t covered with snow? Do they have any pictures you could see? Is there any problem with drainage or run-off in the spring?

Did the current owners have a Home Inspection done when they purchased that you could look at to see if any minor or major problems were revealed? Ask the seller for a list of those problems that were fixed!

Have there been any major home repairs to the property?

What major repair expenses might I expect within the next two years?

Do I need a Home Inspection?

Is there a recent survey that shows all the buildings and additions on the property? Are there any utility easements or encroachments over the property?

What is included or excluded in the sale?

How much are the closing costs? What is the best time during the month to close with respect to reducing the closing costs?

Who do you select for mortgage financing? Do bankers or mortgage brokers have the best rates?

How flexible are the sellers on their asking price? How much should we make our initial offer for?

How is my financing approval determined? Is there any beneficial existing financing on the property that I can assume?